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3rd ELSA Law School on Dispute Resolution: Students of WM Law’s panel took a closer look at SCM and the arbitrator’s day-to-day work

17. August 2014

Students from over 40 jurisdictions joined the 3rd ELSA Law School on Dispute Resolution that took place in Vienna from August 17 to 24.

In Johannes P. Willheim’s session on smart conflict management (“SCM”), participants took a closer look at the mechanisms of SCM, an arbitrator’s day-to-day-work, and at what it takes to handle high-profile arbitration proceedings on international level.

“Dispute wise management practices increasingly involve mediation and drafting entire conflict management agreements. The arbitrator’s work goes beyond legal categories and has to do a lot with management and reputation. As there are no “default” dispute resolution mechanisms the lawyer has to carefully weigh the pros and cons of the various ways to settle a conflict and to help clients to choose the method best suited to solve a legal issue. Be it by means of litigation, arbitration, or mediation. SCM means understanding what’s the dispute about and choosing the right tools.” said Johannes P. Willheim, co-founding partner at Willheim Müller (WMLaw).

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