Inheritance law/Property transfer/Company succession

The diligent work on solutions for transfers across generations is an important success factor for the transfer of private and company property from one generation to the next. Our expertise focuses in particular on the establishment of specific options for property transfer as well as on the development of solutions for a comprehensive company succession. In this context we consider corporate law aspects as well as the individual ideas and wishes of the families.

Another focus of our expertise is the comprehensive structuring of cross-border transfers of property and the use of private foundations to safeguard long-term property transfer.

  • Advice to individuals and entrepreneurs in connection with available options for property transfers 
  • Preparation, amendment and ongoing review of testamentary dispositions
  • Representation in probate proceedings
  • Preparation, amendment and ongoing review of articles of association considering issues in connection with company succession
  • Development of options for succession for the long-term preservation of family property and the safeguarding against property fragmentation
  • Providing advice to heirs entitled to a compulsory portion regarding the assertion of their entitlements
  • Revision of foundation deeds in order to resolve issues arising in the context of the entitlement to the compulsory portion

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