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Non-Profit status

Areas of expertise

Our experts advise private individuals planning to initiate philanthropic activities. Our clients benefit from our expertise in developing, designing and implementing creative, tailor-made organisational structures for charitable projects.

We also support national and international non-profit organisations to optimise their activities from a legal perspective with a focus on universities and other research institutions.

Advising and representing members of the governing bodies of non-profit (private) foundations on the careful and liability-avoiding exercise of their activities as foundation board members or foundation advisory board members is yet another of our work focuses.

Our main areas of advice in non-profit law include in particular:

  • Establishing or optimising non-profit private foundations
  • Establishing or optimising non-profit foundations or funds under the BStFG
  • Establishing or optimising non-profit limited liability companies and associations
  • Providing support in the specific design and specifications of the organisational structure
  • Ongoing advice on company law for non-profit legal entities
  • Advice on inheritance law for philanthropists and endowed organisations
  • Reorganising non-profit organisations
  • Advising members of the board of directors or advisory board of charitable foundations
  • Advising social enterprises and start-ups

Key clients

National and international non-profit organisations | Private clients who are philanthropically active or wish to become philanthropically active | Board members of non-profit legal entities

Non profit work/Charity


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